About Me

Hello and welcome to my corner of the blogosphere! My name is Tara Mayberry, and I am the graphic designer/owner of TeaBerry Creative, as well as a food writer and amateur photographer, and am lucky enough in my career to be able to work for myself, which gives me time to also develop recipes and make photography. I started this blog to share those things which inspire my life and work as a designer. I hope that you enjoy my content, and are inspired in your own life.

I’ve been married to my soul mate since 2004, and we share our lives with 2 very unique cats. Both my husband and I are black belts in Shaolin kung-fu and try to eat as little processed food as possible in support of a healthy lifestyle, so making food from scratch is very important to us.

When we travel (hopefully as often as possible), we have a deal with each other that we try to eat something completely new to us every day. This has led to many food adventures and surprises, such as kelp marmalade, fish nachos, pickled green tomatoes, pickled herring, philly steak eggrolls, and Alaskan fry bread that was as big as my head!

My indulgences: risotto, seafood, cheese, chocolate, and bourbon. I also can’t start my day without a cup of hot tea, and there’s nothing better than hot baked bread and butter.